© Felicitas Yang & Armando Milano © Felicitas Yang & Armando Milano

“I am Nezilla. For whatever reason, the monster is what I’m attracted to. I explore the monster that we are. That’s where my art is coming from. The focus of my artistic work is war, propaganda, fake news, and religion”.

Nezilla (*1990) is a German/Italian artist.

Her art reflects the interweaving of current social and political discourses and the way in which they influence social interaction. Nezilla's work is shaped by overarching aspects of human perception and structural mechanisms, the consequences of which are presented not only as physical confrontation, but also as a struggle for the sovereignty of interpretation in public perception.

By using strong symbols and suggestive images, Nezilla challenges the viewer to question their own ideas of truth and power. The messages of her works are never one-dimensional or didactic. Her works evoke complex emotional reactions and confront the viewer with their own prejudices and beliefs.

Her sculpture PAPERBOMB reflects the fragility of peace and the need to preserve it. The placement in historically burdened places in France makes it a memorial against forgetting and a symbol of peace and friendship at the same time. Fragile and threatening, the PAPERBOMB creates the basis for a profound socio-political discourse and warns the viewer to issue the consequences of their own actions.

Group exhibitions

  • 2016 - 2017
    Trienala Ladina — Museum Ladin Castle de Tor Sân Martin de Tor — Italy
  • 2017
    Eluvio with Johannes Dachsel — Altes Schloss Neckarbischofsheim — Germany
  • 2019
    Universa Ballaballa — Metropolink Urban Art Festival Heidelberg — Germany
  • 2020
    Color, shapes & Shadows — Van der Glas Gallery New York — USA
    A visual culture — Van der Glas Gallery New York — USA
    Imagine Vol. 2 — Kunstraum Dreieich — Germany
  • 2021
    be**pART — Atelier Montez Rom — Italy
  • 2022
    Bullet-Ants — Metropolink Urban Art Festival Heidelberg — Germany
    Winner — DA! Art award — Düsseldorf — Germany
  • 2024
    Kunst gegen Missbrauch — Heidelberg — Germany

Solo exhibitions

  • 2016
    MetaMorphose — Hotel Sinsheim — Germany
  • 2017
    Club Moritzino — La Villa — Italy
  • 2019
    Thepathi — Halle02 Heidelberg — Germany
  • 2020
    Apokatastasis Ballaballa — Online
  • 2021
    Exhibition for Hörtkorn — Germany
  • 2022
    Paperbomb — Paradiso St.Moritz / Switzerland
  • 2023
    Transform — Altes Schloss Neckarbischofsheim — Germany


  • 2015
    Diploma in Design Illustration — Ruhr_akademie Schwerte — Germany
  • 2018
    Master Degree in Design Illustration — FH Luzern Design — Switzerland